Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Q Bobs her Hair

(A rare view of her absolutely gorgeous forehead)
By the ripe old age of 5, most kids have had a haircut or two under their belts. 
But not Q.
During the first years of her life, Q had naturally short hair. 
It just didn't grow. For the first couple of years that she was our daughter, Q had a natural pixie cut...which I loved. She was different. She was unique. She had short hair when most girls had long locks. 
Her pixie hair seemed to suit her spirited, tomboy personality.
I trimmed her hair once  a year or so, just to keep the ragged edges out of her eyes, but she always resisted having it cut, so we never forced the issue. 

Today, however, since she is on vacation and her daddy was working, I had to take her with me while I had my own (short) hair trimmed at the local Aveda salon. My stylist is both fast and cheerful, and I think the combination struck Q's sense of fun. 

By the end of my own session, Q was ready to request a seat in the cutting chair, and, fortunately, the salon was able to comply.
Hence Q's very first salon cut, spur of the moment. 

We gave her three style options - long layers, a pixie cut like she has when she was little, or a classic bob like Mommy's old style. She chose the bob.
She sat patiently through both the cut and (more significantly) the blowout. She has always hated the blow drier which, in the past, we have only inflicted on her when she has wet hair on a particularly frosty school mornings. Usually, she screeches all the way through a blow-out, so it was interesting to see her sit through this one with...dare I say...even a smile!
I think I have my stylist to thank for this happy and un-traumatized expression on her face!
We even managed to get her bangs trimmed short enough to show a bit of her eyebrows, which no one has seen in a couple of years!
Descending from her chair, a proud, new "big girl".
And there's the big grin!
Q with her new haircut, in her new big-girl room (thanks to Ikea).
It was a proud day!
 And she has been glancing at herself in the mirror every time she passes it!
Oh, yeah!

(Thank You to my wonderful stylist Ericca at Vida Salon on Highlands Square for Q's first real haircut!)


  1. She is so adorable! The new haircut suits her!

  2. Awesomesauce! Go QQ, and go, Mom! You look terrific, big girl, and your new beautiful red-polka-dot bedroom looks terrific, too.

    Now...maybe Mom will read you this: http://www.sc.edu/fitzgerald/bernice/bernice.html


  3. O yeah! Fab!

    (love aveda salons!)