Tuesday, May 22, 2012

photo credits: a diary for Elsa
The ether of the internet has conjured up some real magic today, and I've been basking in it. 
I have a couple of true delights to share. 
First, this amazing post from bateau de papier...a diary for Elsa.

Thank you so much sweet Amélie for allowing me to share these stunning photos. With Elsa here is Annette (of the blog Naïve Life under the Scandinavian Sky) and the clothes on both girls are by the wonderful Fei An and her shop Naïve Days
You may recognize the same Chinese jacket that Q has worn in many posts. It's such a magical piece.

Brava! This post is one of the most beautiful I've seen in ages. 

I have something else delicious to share soon...so stay tuned for my next excerpt from the  blogosphere!


  1. A beautiful & poetic blog !

  2. Thank you dear Maia, I feel so honoured to see these photos here. It' as been a magic moment for me to share with Fei An the sight of our girls together in this norwegian wood.